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learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun! -Juila Child

Friday, December 30, 2011

Try the latest foods-free

I just joined General Mills and Kraft Foods to test their products for free. They have a great program where they send you coupons for free products or an actual free, full size of their latest products to try at home. In return you give them feedback on their web site about how you liked or disliked them, you get even more opportunities and products if you write a review on your blog. Besides sending out coupons, products, Kraft foods and General Mills at times takes applications to host a party at home with all their brand name items. From what I understand, if your application is chosen, they give you all the goodies such as the food, linens, beverages, etc. to create the party, plus gifts for you and each of the guests.
Here are the links to get started:

General Mills Long questionnaire to fill out but hopefully worth it in the long run, we'll see. One of my fellow coupon clipping moms on Facebook received 2 big boxes of cereal and even  coupons for free milk, pretty cool.

Kraft First Taste You just have to love Kraft, plus their site is so simple and easy to use, not so many questions either.

Proctor and Gamble  They occasionally have applications to host parties to promote new products, plus right now if you sign up the will send out their big coupon booklet with over $95 in savings and 3 times a year they with automatically send you their Pge brand sampler box.